If you’ve been following Snow Week here on Pocket-Lint this week, you might now be in a position to book where you want to go, and a bit clearer on the kit to take with you to make the most of your time on the slopes.

But all  this knowledge isn't going to make much difference if you fall flat on your face on the first day; with the rest of your holiday laid up in a foreign hospital trying to tell the nursing staff that you really don't need another bed bath (unless you want one, of course...).

You can have all the gear, but if your body isn't up to the job, then the only powder you’re likely you to enjoy is the talcum on the surgeon's gloves.

Skiing is not for the sedentary, so getting in shape should be a top priority before you go.

At www.goski.co.uk/fitness you’ll find fitness programmes for all abilities and levels of general fitness. So get cracking on your squat thrusts and you should make it home in one piece.

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