The iPhone is undoubtedly one of the greatest gadgets to have graced not only these pages, but also the palms of many people around the world.

That's why will strike a chord with many of you, dear Pocket-Lint readers.

It's sleek, compact, almost painfully desirable and really very clever. Well, most of it's clever, most of the time.

An autocorrect function will be familiar to most mobile phone users, but the iPhone's helpfully selects the word it thinks you're typing when you hit the space bar. Great - like I said, most of the time.

I've lost count of the number of times I've meant to say one thing in a text message and Apple's uber gadget has decided it wants to say something else. Luckily, I've not suffered the consequences of this artificially intelligent word scrambling as badly as the hapless and helpless people shown here.

Inappropriate suggestions, embarrassing confessions and countless things you really shouldn't say to anybody, are churned out with hilarious regularity it would seem. A perfect timewaster for a Friday, this site shows us all that we really shouldn't put all our faith in technology.

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