APP OF THE DAY: Premier Inn review (iPhone)

Picture the scene. It’s late. Your eyelids are getting heavy. The pitter-patter of the rain on your windscreen starts to swim into the sound of talk radio as you watch the white lines on the motorway disappear under your car one after the other.

You have to send a jolt through your own body to stop yourself going into microsleep. It’s time to give up on your all-night drive and admit defeat. But where are you? Where can you stay? Do you really want to spend the night in your cold Cortina? Of course not! That's the moment you reach for your smartphone glad that you had the foresight to download...

Premier Inn

Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Nokia



Developed by Fujitsu and Grapple Mobile, this cross platform mobile phone hotel booker will sort you out in a jiffy. It’s pretty simple stuff but what you get is a location aware, quick access way of finding out where your nearest Permier Inn bed is. It covers all 590 of the chain’s location as well as one touch access to calling ahead or, if you prefer, a large button called Book.

You get details of prices and offers as well as all the options you’d be after including whether or not you want breakfast. There’s even a tonne of FAQs just in case you want to know what time you have to check out or whether or not the rooms are fitted with a Corby trouser press.

Other than that, it’s more a question of convenience than anything else. There is a button to take you to a map of where the hotel you’ve chosen is but what it doesn’t do at the moment is tie into your phone’s navigational system which is a bit of a shame. That said, it does what it says on the tin and if you spend a lot of time on the road or miss your last train once too often, then it’s worth a space on your app screen.