Powerful things dreams. Having just watched Inception  that much has become very clear. Not because of its subject matter so much (don’t worry – no spoilers here), but the fact that once upon a time, Christopher Nolan had a dream. A dream about a film about dreams. Now he’s all growed up, he’s made that dream come true and the mind-bending, reality-defying film is the two and half hour visual treat he’s created.

So, it’s good to dream, and its even better to nurture creative talent wherever, and whenever you can. That’s why this project from the Tate is so intriguing.

www.tatemovie.co.uk is designed to get kids between the ages of 5 and 13 to create their own characters, using artworks as inspiration, and then add them to mix for possible inclusion in an animated film.

It’s encouraging to see highbrow organisations coming up with accessible creative innovations like this, and we look forward to seeing the final output later this year.

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