It’s undeniable that social networking is probably the biggest thing to happen online since Excite, Google and Jeeves (remember him?) decided to give the world somewhere to ask its questions (and Wikipedia starting providing some of the answers) and Amazon decided to start selling books.

But just like any real-life social situation, the virtual party can have its drawbacks.

Collect any number of people together and you’re likely to get a few people you’d rather not spend time with, let alone swap details with. There’s the one who’s trying a bit too hard to be your new best friend and then (horror of horrors) the old school mate who things the glory days of youth have never ended and still thinks shoving somebody’s head down the bog is a laugh.

So any site that can help you filter out the unwanted, the weirdoes and wannabe stalkers has got to be a good thing.

At you can choose which groups of people you’re interested, or you think you’re best off belonging to. So if you’re a petrolhead with a passion for 1960s Mini Coopers, stick that in your profile and the next time you pull over at Fleet Services, you might just find somebody worth talking to. If you’re a student with a taste for modern art and think Rothko is the bee’s knees, the next time you visit Tate Modern, you can see if there’s any like-minded people in the room.

We like this concept, and we wish it well. If it brings people together in new and constructive ways, it can only be a wortwhile addition to the internet's social media portfolio.

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