There comes a time in every man's life when the clothes he wears take on a whole new meaning. 

A first date, maybe. Or perhaps you're way beyond that and are ready to walk down the aisle. That first big job interview might inspire you to think about some new threads - and it's still an important part of the process: we know somebody who, despite being one of the leading experts in his field, was turned away from an interview with a big-name bank because he wasn't wearing a tie.

It doesn't matter why you want to dress to impress, a bespoke suit is still the best way to show the world you're serious. But, they don't come cheap.

Maybe this site is a useful stepping-stone between off the peg value and the true made to measure Saville Row experience. Send them your measurements using their clever online wizard at and they will cut a suit to fit you at a fraction of the cost of the traditional tailor's shop. Or you can pop into one of their branches to get the personal touch, if that’s what you prefer.

Either way, you’ll look the business.

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