You may have read on Friday that Apple is edging ever closer to breaking the 10 billion figure for App Store downloads.

And market intelligence site Asymco has done some neat analysis of the number and created a few fascinating graphs.

Firstly, plotting the amount of apps downloaded from the App Store against the amount of songs downloaded from iTunes, Horace Dediu of Asymco predicts that, by March, apps will overtake songs as the most downloaded Apple digital content.

Apps would have also taken less time, 31 months against 67 months, to hit the 10 billion mark - although free songs on iTunes are hard to find it has to be said.

The final chart shows, using figures released by Apple in September, how each of the iOS device owners worldwide has an average of more than 60 apps on their Apple machine.

How many apps have you got on your iPad/iPhone/iPod touch? Fill us in using the comments below.