If you’ve woken up this morning with a bit of a sore head, you can probably look back on what was quite a good weekend.

If you’ve woken up this morning with something a bit more serious causing you some pain, our commiserations go out to you. Hurting yourself is never fun, but the good people at www.health365.com/ouchmap are certainly giving it a good go, bless ‘em.

They’ve come up with a unique way to spend some time while you’re waiting to be seen in the emergency room: tweet whatever misfortune has come your way and it will be added to the Ouchmap. The aim is to see which part of the body causes us the most trouble.

Not sure it’ll be the first thing on your mind when you get to hospital, but after a few hours waiting to be seen, it might be a good way to pass some time.

My money’s on the knee, by the way.

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