The team returns from CES 2011 in Las Vegas giddy eyed and fizzing with enthusiasm over the latest kit and gadgetry they've had their hands on over the last week or so. And, as the podcast has had a self-imposed absence over the last month, due to Christmas, the new year's celebrations and the Consumer Electronics Show itself, Pocket-lint proudly presents a (nigh-on) 1-hour special edition.

Las Vegas attendees, Rik and Stuart, are grilled by Dan, who watched the unveiling of each exciting announcement from afar. They reveal their highlights, lowlights, and other types of hairstyles they've sported. And chat about tech a bit too; such as the Motorola Xoom tablet, the Atrix 4G and more.

So, join Rik, Stuart and Dan for the longest, meatiest podcast yet. It's better than getting snake eyes in craps.

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