Apple has released iOS 4.3 in beta form to developers, and one of the most notable new features is the multi-finger (four and five finger) gesture support.

Macstories and Engadget have both posted videos of the new feature in action, which show how the extra digit support means advanced navigation gestures.

Other new features include an extension to the AirPlay features in iOS 4.2, meaning that you can now stream video from any iOS app to Apple TV, full screen iAd banner support and HTTP live streaming statistics.

And, as rumoured on Wednesday, the hotspot function is indeed on board, although this will need to be activated by the networks.

You'll also have the option in iOS 4.3 to make your iPad switch an orientation lock once again, which should cheer up a few fanboys who complained about this being changed to a mute switch in iOS 4.2.

Minor changes include a new FaceTime app, bigger app icons in the App Store update menu and new camera sounds.

iOS 4.3 is available for developers now.