It’s that time of year when you might be starting to think about your next holiday. The festivities are over, the nights are still long and cold and dark, and most of us will need something to look forward to.

Hotel comparison sites are ten a penny, but could arguably be called the Daddy of them all.

It’s sort of a hotel comparison site comparison site.

Choose your destination and dates (so far, so normal) and then choose your hotel (yep, we can get that elsewhere). But then, Trivago tells you which of the other sites to go to so that you can get the best deals. You’ll be amazed how much the prices can vary too.

It’s a simple solution to that problem of the nagging doubt that many of us get when we’ve parted with a wad of cash for something. You know the one: could I have got this cheaper if I’d kept looking…?

Happy travels

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