APP OF THE DAY: (Internet, iPhone & Android)

Today we’re going to excite you and deflate you in equal measure. Then we’re going to give you another tickle of hope and call it a day. When we started App of the Day all the way back in two thousand and something or other, we began with a mission of bringing you an app to enjoy for every day of the working week. The clue's in the name.

While we’ve focused largely on smartphones and tablets, that’s not the limit of our jurisdiction. The web, of course, had applications long before the likes of the Nokia N95 even existed. So, in memory of what this daily is all about, today we bring you an app, nay, a service that will join all these facets together.



iOS, Android & Internet at large


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Mint or is all about your money and, at the start of a new year with new hopes and new intentions of keeping a closer eye on one’s finances, Mint is the most perfect app we could suggest. It’s a service which aggregates all your online bank accounts into one manageable place. Instead of having to log in to four different company systems, you enter all your details on set up and leave Mint to do the work for you each time you want to take a peep. It’ll deal with your savings, credit cards, mortgages and anything else you’ve got and put all of them and their transactions into one online statement. And, like all the best things on the Internet, it’s free.

The service uses bank level security and will also warn you if it suspects fraudulent activity on any of your accounts, but it doesn’t stop there. If you want to be super organised, you can create a budget. That’s because the website can categorise and display exactly what kinds of things you spend your cash on. So, it’ll let you know just how much you waste on expensive take out coffee. Off the back of that, you can make a new cash flow plan for yourself using the iPhone or Android apps to help you on a minute by minute basis. The service will even make suggestions of where you can cut down your expenses as well. It sounds rather frighteningly like a parent but, then, that’s probably no bad thing from time to time.

So, time for the horrible part. Yep, you guessed it. It’s only available in North America right now. The tickle of hope comes in because, having dominated the New World, is supposed to be planning an attack on the UK. We’ll let you know when it launches.

In the mean time, there are other services that some recommend already available over here if you want to give the likes of Wesabe, MoneyDashboard, LoveMoney and MoBank a crack, but none quite seem to have the same universal support.