Surely one of the best things about internet access is that you can ask it absolutely anything, anytime. You don't even have to say "within reason" any more, because the Internet doesn't do reasonable - it knows everything, about everything. (Google Instant seems to prove that either somebody has already asked any question you can think of, or they've invented mind-reading...)

So, the next time you're stuck on any particular task, be it building a new shed, or learning how to speak Arabic, or figuring out how to save money this year, try the brilliantly informative

It's a massive collection of video tutorials on a wide range of subjects and skills and, being video, you get to grips with whatever you're learning. The old adage about it's easier to show somebody something than tell them is very often true.

So, if your resolutions for 2011 centre around learning anything new, bookmark this site now - you might find it a useful resource in the months ahead.

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