As the last roll of the craps dice take place over in Vegas and the casinos, bars and, let's face it, strip clubs see the final departures of men sporting Atari t-shirts it's time for a quick CES 2011 round-up. It's been a long old week, with more launches than a Red-Bull infused 24-hour Angry Birds session, and all that remains is to sit back and soak up the stats and reflect on what has gone before us.

"The 2011 International CES was a phenomenal worldwide event that spanned global industries including technology, automotive and entertainment markets", said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, CEA.

"This global technology gathering featured more innovation, more news, more social media buzz and more international attendance than any other show in CES history".

Indeed it has Gary, indeed it has.

So without further ado here is the Consumer Electronics Show 2011 in numbers....

2,700 - The number of technology companies that showed up in Las Vegas to show off their new toys.

140,000 - The amount of industry professionals that turned up to play with them.

30,000 - The amount of international attendees that took a flight to Nevada for the expo.

80 - The number of international delegations that these attendees came from.

99.9 - The percentage of CES attendees who also tried to blag a pass for the Adult Entertainment Expo which was taking place in Vegas at the same time.

1 - The number of tech writers that apparently got "hands-on" with a star from the Adult Entertainment Expo (not a Pocket-lint writer, we have to say).

22 - The count of the "top CEOs participating in keynotes". This number includes Microsoft's Steve Ballmer, Verizon’s Ivan Seidenberg, Audi's Rupert Stadler, Samsung's Boo-Keun Yoon, Ford's Alan Mulally, Netflix's Reed Hastings, Cisco's John Chambers, Xerox's Ursula Burns and GE's Jeffrey Immelt.

80 - The number of different tablets that were on show.

26 - The number of tablets that Pocket-lint has felt it worthwhile to cover, indicating that a large number of the 80 are, in fact, gumph.

1 - The amount of Ford electronic cars on show, with the Ford Focus Electric - the motor giant's first ever electronic vehicle.

250 - The number of 2011 International CES conference program sessions.

900 - The amount of speakers at these sessions. 

0 - The amount of tigers, babies and dead hookers present in team Pocket-lint's hotel rooms after heavy Vegas nights, proving that movies can be somewhat exaggerated.

9.5 - The amount of words of a 41-word sentence that Stuart Miles, editor of Pocket-lint, managed before passing out in the corridor of his hotel at 5am on one of those nights.

3.0 - The version of Android that has been confirmed as Honeycomb.

4 - The number of devices announced at the show that will pack Honeycomb when it launches.

537 - The tired guestimate from Pocket-lint of the amount of cameras that Samsung had chosen to launch at the show.

158,000 - The count of CES-related tweets since Monday 3 January.

209 - The amount of stories on Pocket-lint tagged as CES 2011, a number that is sure to grow over the next few days - all of which can be found in our dedicated CES 2011 homepage.

4 - The average number of hours sleep per night of team Pocket-lint during the week.

Total Score = 332,926.4