Google has released a teaser video for its Google Android 3.0 Honeycomb showing some of the new features we can expect to see in the coming months when devices like the Motorola tablet, Toshiba tablet, and Asus tablets hit the market.

The tablet only OS will bring with it a new user interface, “best in class” browsing, ebook reader, redesigned YouTube and Google Maps with the new 3D interface.

Other teases from the video show a newly optimised tablet Gmail, and Google talk so you can video chat each other as long as the tablet has a front facing camera.

How Android 3.0 will fit in with Google’s Chrome OS is yet to be seen however with the two operating systems seemingly getting very close to each other in the features that they offer.

Also not clear is how Honeycomb will sit with non tablet devices and what will happen with Android for phone updates in the future especially when it runs out of version revisions beyond Android 2.9

Honeycomb: What devices are Android 3.0 ready

and GTalk

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