Panasonic will be the latest company to announce a tablet device at it’s press conference at CES on Wednesday Pocket-lint has learnt.

Called the Viera Tablet, the new tablet will act as a companion for people watching television using a new service called Viera Connect. 

According to a demo that Pocket-lint was privy to get, users will be able to use the tablet in connection with a Viera TV to view different angles to the content, push content from the tablet to the TV, and talk with others via social networks. 

Panasonic has still to detail the full features and components of the new Viera Tablet at its press conference at Pocket-lint, but we couldn't help ourselves bringing you the news. 

The company’s press conference is just hours away and we are already in the queue so we’ll bring you all the latest news about the device as it happens.

Stay tuned.