Taking, sharing and storing pictures on the move has never been easier, but for editing, you still need to think about carrying a laptop with you. Some smartphones do pack quite a punch with the editing apps available these days, but for true pixel manipulation, you can't beat the big screen.

If you're looking for something to use when you're caught without your laptop, www.befunky.com could be a solution.

If you can get to an internet cafe, your latest pictures can be uploaded and transformed beyond recognition using the BeFunky suite of easy to use tools.

Crop, rotate, recolour, sharpen - all your regular image-enhancing tools are here at the click of a mouse, and all within an easy to navigate browser window.

The premium version adds all kinds of weird and wonderful one-click effects, but the free version should suit most users.

For editing on the fly, it's a good option.

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