Over the last few days, we've brought you a round-up of the entire year of technology, from January through to December, illustrating the highs and lows of the year. However, these don't necessarily reveal what most peaked your interest. So, in a final bow to 2010, here's Pocket-lint's 10 most popular stories and features of the last 365 days (in reverse order)...

14 April: Lyddington, a small village in Leicestershire, took the extraordinary step in creating its own telecoms company in order to offer its residents 40Mbit/s broadband. There are only 200 homes in the village, so other broadband providers didn't believe that improving the residents' service would be economically viable, so the villagers took it upon themselves to do something about it. Hence, the birth of Rutland Telecom.

15 September: As soon as the HTC Desire HD was unveiled, we compared its specifications to the iPhone 4's in order to help you decide whether or not it would be a valid rival to the Apple device. It certainly was in the Pocket-lint Gadget Awards, beating the iPhone 4 to the coveted "Best Phone" title.

14 February: Reporting from the Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona, we brought you exclusive pictures of Sony Ericsson's dinky little Android phones.

18 February: We managed to get our hands on the pink version of the HTC Smart, which turned out to be extremely popular in readers, if not in sales. Thankfully, in terms of pink phones, it wasn't as garish as usual, but it does still come as a surprise that the pink edition wasn't for T-Mobile (as you would have thought), but for O2.

1 February: The Sega Zone console caused quite a stir back in February, with its Wii-like motion control and retro Mega Drive games preloaded. However, it disappeared without a trace soon after we covered it, and has yet to resurface. Indeed, even its Wikipedia page has been withdrawn, prompting many to wonder whether it was a fake all along.

15 October: This story is still as relevant today as it was back in October, as the white iPhone 4 still hasn't emerged from manufacturing hell. This was one of our favourite stories here on Pocket-lint, especially as editor Stuart Miles chased a poor New Yorker through a hotel in order to get photos and a brief chat.

27 January: Months before the iPad hit the shelves in the UK, it was announced and released in the US, and we took a look at its features in comparison to the smaller, more common iPod touch (3rd generation). Certainly, looking back on it now, all of the functions and modes that we now take for granted seemed thoroughly exotic back then. And it was only just under a year ago.

19 May: Whether you agree with it or not, pornography is still a big driver of new media types and technology take-up, and YouPorn's decision to make a large amount of its free video content available to iPad owners is still proving incredibly popular. Remarkably, not many other adult websites have followed suit, leaving youporn.com the undisputed king of mucky media for the Apple device.

7 June: Just like with the HTC Desire HD later in the year, the specification battle between Apple and HTC's finest (at the time) proved extremely popular. It's still sparking debate even today, as Apple and HTC fanboys duke it out over their respective loyalties.

27 May: The most read story on Pocket-lint in 2010, though, comes in the guise of a simple application round-up. As soon as the iPad hit UK shelves, hundreds of thousands of app-hungry owners wanted to know what freebies were available on iTunes. It all seems rather quaint now that there are many thousands of the buggers clogging up the App Store, but back then you could count them on one iPad screen.

So that's it, your favourite stories and features of the year. But, of course, it doesn't end there, 2011 looks to be even more exciting for the world of technology and gadgets, and we hope you'll join us in exploring it throughout, after all, we're all in this together. Here's to you and a cracking new year.

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