There are literally hundreds of sites running their reviews of the year, so the biggest problem we’ve had is picking one.

Yahoo just about steals it with their eclectic and thorough look back at a turbulent and eventful 12 months.

From the sporting achievements and spectacular failures (yes, that’s the England football team I’m referring to) through to the most bizarre and wonderful song lyrics (“I was like, baby, baby, baby, oh. Like baby, baby, baby, no…" - Justin Bieber).

This being primarily a search engine, the top search terms are listed and, somewhat surprisingly in this old hack’s opinion, is that the BP oil disaster came out as the most looked for term in Yahoo. Makes a change from the latest airhead starlet and her most recent lads’ mag photo shoot, doesn’t it?

But it’s been a big year for many, so sit back and relive the biggest, the best and the most bizarre from 2010.

Happy New Year everybody.

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