The new iPad 2 is unlikely to arrive in the UK until May/June (US in April), but that doesn't stop small details leaking out here and there. Rumours and gossip on the next-generation Apple tablet started the moment that the first iPad hit the shelves.

However, the hype machine is gathering momentum now, and this hands-on with what is, purportedly, a protective casing for the iPad 2 shows a few amendments, additions and confirmation of new features.

To begin with, there's a hole on the rear for a camera lens. No flash, weirdly, but the same sized lens as the iPhone 4 and iPod touch. In addition, there's a large slot on the top edge, which some claim to be for a 3G antenna. There's also a space for a larger speaker.

Of course, this could all be poppycock, but it's around this time that pre-production design specs are sent to small case manufacturers, so we wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't, at least, based on those.

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