Just in time for Christmas, it's the gift that just keeps giving. Bookmark this page now and wheel it out every time some bonehead sends you any kind of official communication in the dreaded Comic Sans typeface.

It was designed, as the name might imply (to the even the half-witted) for comics, so using it in your business correspondence or official signage, or in fact anything other than it's original purpose, is just not done. Unless you're writing to a 6-year-old, leave it out.

When you get such a mail, send them a link to comicsanscriminal.com straight away. They’ll get the message in an informative and inoffensive way. Which is more than I’ve ever succeeded in doing under the circumstances.

A few examples from my dealings with other font crimes:

"Impact is not 'retro' - it's fat and difficult to read..."

"Brush Script does not look like your handwriting, so stop using it in your email signature, you total numpty..."

That's it - rant over.

PS - Happy Christmas everybody.

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