It's been a fair old while since The Two Ronnies, Ronnie Corbett and Ronnie Barker, have graced our screens at Christmas time. And, obviously, as Mr Barker is no longer with us, that's only something which can be achieved in repeat form (or with the aid of some extremely good CGI effects).

However, this Christmas day sees a special from the remaining half of the double act, Ronnie Corbett, who is joined by a host of other UK comedians and actors, some newly famous, some established, in a series of sketches that pay homage to the old shows of yore.

This is one of those, with Corbett and Harry Enfield taking a hilarious sideswipe at the fruit-based world of mobile devices. And if it's anything to go by, we can't wait for the rest of the show.

It airs on 25 December on BBC at 17.10, and the best news is that you'll still have plenty of time to switch over afterwards to catch the Greatest Christmas TV Ads on Five at 9pm featuring yours truly...

Did we say that we were on telly on Christmas day? Oh, we did.