So the tree is decorated, the fridge and drinks cabinets are fully stocked and we’ve even worked out the order of the board games we’ll be playing. The house is prepped, organised and tidy. The guest room is set up. I’ve read the Radio Times. Twice. (And there’s still nothing on…)

Christmas is completely sorted. For the first time ever. That’s probably because we haven’t left the house for 5 days because of the snow - we’ve had nothing better to do than get things done. But now, I sit and I wait and I watch it snow some more and I start to get a bit bored. So bored, in fact, that I actually Google myself. Haven’t done that in quite a while. (Results still very, very disappointing).

But now I have a new way to create an online buzz about myself (which is essentially what Google was invented for, wasn’t it?).

At I can gratuitously create an online profile for myself to track my online “pull”. It’ll report all kinds of things about how many people come to visit my page and how long they spend there staring at, well, at nothing.

There’s nothing here apart from my name, and I’m not sure what else I can add to make my profile more attractive, so I can foresee this as yet another long-term disappointment.

But, I’m sure there are many people who can make something useful out of this. It’s certainly very easy to set up. It’s the making my page popular I might struggle with. But by adding it to email signatures and Twitter and Facebook, it will analyse your online footprint like never before.

(And if you’re wondering how we got the fridge and drinks cabinet stocked, despite being snowed in, it’s all down to Tesco and their intrepid delivery driver. He’s our hero!)

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