It seems that the times are a changing - clearly. This video called the Digital Story of the Nativity by ExcentricPT shows the methods that may have been employed if the Nativity was set in the present day, as opsed to a couple of thousand years ago.

The video shows various digital online tech aiding the happy couple as they  prepare for the coming of the Messiah. Online services such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, YouTube, Google Search, Wikipedia, Google Maps, GMail, Foursquare and Amazon are used to update status and find out places to stay, whilst also helping them plan their trip to Bethlehem.

A little bit silly? Yes. But it's also a bit of fun. Apart from anything else it makes you wonder how Mary and Joseph coped without all the modern conveniences of the online world. Oh yes, we forgot, they had God on their side - very handy.