Tron: Legacy - photos, ladies and lightcycles

We've gone crazy over Tron: Legacy in recent times here on Pocket-lint. Not only is it the sequel to one of our favourite films of all time (although, having seen it again of late, we're clearly wearing rose/neon-tinted glasses) but everything about it is so damn cool. The lightcycles, the costumes and the ladies, of course.

And now that the movie is in cinemas for all to see, we've decided to pull together all of the Tron-tastic stories, trailers and, ahem, nudie bits that we've brought you over the last month of so, all in the one place...

Merchandise has certainly come thick and fast. For starters, there's a real-life Tron cycle that could be yours for the princely sum of $55,000, and an officially licensed leather motorbike suit to round off the experience.

Oakley has launched a pair of Tron: Legacy edition sun glasses, presumably to reduce the glare from the neon lights in The Grid. While the Nokia N8 is actually used in the movie - as the only genuine product placement. And there's glowing controllers for Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii for those who like to play in the dark.

Speaking of games, Pocket-lint got to visit Flynn's Arcade to play the 1983 retro arcade machine Discs of Tron. As well as dabble with the videogame Tron: Evolution, out now on all good games consoles (and some crappy ones).

But it's the videos that have most caught our eye. Two trailers have appeared on this site, including the original one and the one that appeared at Comic-Con 2010. And the most recent addition has put Tron in a whole new light for us, the Playboy Tron photo shoot. Warning, the latter does contain nudity!

So that's Tron: Legacy in a nutshell. Now, if only they'd release the original movie on Blu-ray...

Have you seen Tron: Legacy yet? If so, what do you think of the movie? And what do you think of the original? Let us know in the comments below...