We recently covered the availability of the iTunes 12 Days of Christmas app in out app-vent calendar, and now it turns out that Shazam is taking part in the promotion as well.

From 26 December 2010 to 6 January 2011 Shazam users with an iPhone or iPod touch will have the opportunity to tap and unwrap a free "gift of the day" on iTunes, by tagging music on Shazam.

A promotional link will appear on Shazam's tag results page as "Free Gift from iTunes". As with the 12 Days of Christmas the daily gift will include a selection of songs, music videos, Apps, books, TV episodes and a film from some of the biggest star performers on iTunes.  Each free download will only be available for 24 hours.

You'll need to be using the latest V3 version of the Shazam app and the premium Shazam Encore or (SHAZAM) RED Apps. To download follow this link to the iTunes store.