With Sonic Unleashed and Sonic and the Secret Rings, you could say that Sega has made quite the impression on the Wii.

And now, thanks to Toirettsu, you can make quite the impression on Sega with your Wii, or rather - wee.

This wacky video (filmed in Japan, where else?) shows off the pee-based game in which the speed and accuracy of your urine stream is judged and converted to a cartoon-like mini-game display on the LCD.

Disturbing? A bit. Ridiculous? Yes. Do we want a go? Definitely.

The mini-games include cleaning up graffiti with a hose (a hose of your cartoon pee), blowing wind up a lady's skirt (because the pee element wasn't weird enough) and, finally, a "bukkake battle" - where your character shoots milk from his nose.

This differs from the bukkake films that we've seen in this country, but hey, they do things a bit differently in Japan.

There's no word as to when we'll be seeing the Toirettsu in the western world - we can only hope it's soon. Although we're guessing it'll be more like never.