If you’re quick, there’s just about time to still do some Christmas shopping online. And if you’re really quick, you might be able to pick up an original and unusual present right here at www.picturesonwalls.com. But you’d have to be quicker than just about anything if you’d wanted to pick up a Banksy.

Last weekend, this site sold off a limited run of Banksy prints to raise money for Voina, a group of street artists who’ve found that their chosen medium isn’t fully appreciated by the Russian authorities. So they’ve been banged up.

The Banksy prints sold like hot mince pies and it’s created quite a buzz around this site, which caters for fans of street art and offers new and exciting prints on a regular basis.

So if you want to give something a little different this year, it’s worth a few minutes of casual browsing.

Not sure how anybody would feel if you gave them Voina’s most, er uplifting recent artwork. (See our picture if you’re not sure what we mean…)

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