It’s not getting any better. It’s now Wednesday and I really don’t want to go to work. I’ve got that “last week of school” feeling, with only days before the Christmas break. It’s getting so I want to take Connect 4 and KerPlunk in with me. And the urge to put a whoopie cushion on the boss’s chair is becoming almost irresistible.

So, it’s best if I stay put and work remotely. I know I can get conference calling sorted with Monday’s Website of the Day, but what if I need to actually show somebody something. What is it they say about a picture speaking a thousand words?

Enter It’s a logical step up from video conferencing (and without the awkward “oh my God, I must get my hair cut” moment as you catch sight of yourself on the giant screen at the end of the room).

With Join.Me you can share what’s on your screen with whomever you like. So you can still talk your team through that crucial end of year presentation, even though you’ve got a crippling hangover and daytime tally just got good in time for Christmas.

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