To help promote itself as one of the sponsors of the forthcoming London Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012, chocolate company Cadbury has kicked off a craze using 100 GPS-activated balls, the UK as a playing field, and a tracking website.

Dubbed Spots v Stripes - as 50 of the balls are spotty, 50 stripy - the "new play experiment" is to see how far around the country each ball can go in a set period, with participants urged to look out for one, send in a photo of themselves holding it, and then pass it on to somebody else to take further away. And it will be automatically tracked via GPS so there can be no cheating.

It's, essentially, the World's biggest game of catch.

There is an incentive to taking part too, as the ball that travels the greatest distance in the set time limit, with one person who sends in a snap of themselves with it winning £5,000.

If you fancy having a go, you can log into the dedicated tracking website at, which currently shows where each ball is in the country. However, you don't have long to get involved, the game finishes on Monday 13 December. Yikes!

You don't have to race around the country looking for balls to take part in the fun though, you can choose to be a spectator and play one of the many Facebook games that have been created. And win points for whichever team you choose to side with, Spots or Stripes.

You can also win one of 50 Panasonic TA1 HD cameras, or, even, a Panasonic Viera 42-inch 3D TV.

Incidentally, the Spots are currently winning (by some margin) so come on Stripes! We always back an underdog on Pocket-lint.