Pocket-lint's news reporter Paul Lamkin has been nominated for an award in his first year as a tech journo, and we're very proud of him at PL Towers. So much so that, in true X-Factor judge and mentor Dannii Minogue style, we urge you all to "Vote Paul" with our own blinged-up white BlackBerry Bold.

That is, if you're a PR person. The CRAPPS Awards (Communicative Relations Awards from PR Professionals) has been organised to reward the technology journalists that have stood out over the last year, and shame those who have made life that little bit tougher for public relations teams. And our Paul has been nominated in the category "Journalist that makes you feel warm and furry on the inside".

So, if you work in PR, deal with Pocket-lint and think Paul is the bees knees, please register your vote at www.thecrapps.com. You do need to get a wriggle on though, the voting finishes at the end of this weekend (Monday 13 December).

Don't forget, VOTE PAUL for a brighter, er, news story. And that.

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Rik Henderson

Our senior ed of news and features has been a tech and games journalist for more than 27 years, and has been with Pocket-lint for over five. Rik has edited a number of videogame magazines in the past, was deputy editor of Home Cinema Choice, and his TV career included stints as co-presenter of Channel 4's Gamesmaster and Sky One’s Games World.