One of the things that we at Pocket-lint were most excited about in the build up to the Windows Phone 7 launch was the Xbox LIVE hub.

We thought that this feature was a critical USP of the platform. But since Microsoft's mobile OS saviour (?) went live, there hasn't really been all that much fuss made of the gaming aspects.

There's been a couple of interesting tit-bits, like EA announcing its WP7 games line-up and the Crackdown 2 DLC integration, but nothing that really makes the platform stand out in the way that it could.

We've spoken to some of the top bods at Microsoft though, who have assured us that big things are coming in the future, in terms of the Windows Phone 7 Xbox LIVE, and we're hoping that Microsoft putting out this game-angled promo might be an indication that better things are soon to arrive.

Let's hope so, because with Kinect selling faster than hot cakes outside a Weight Watchers meeting, the possibilities for Microsoft to get all of its new kit interacting with one another is an exciting prospect.