The BlackBerry PlayBook has had more screen time than Jesse Eisenberg (we know he's a great actor, but he is just in everything right now).

If it's not being shown blasting the iPad out of the water performance-wise, it's getting stage time at industry events over in Canada.

But we've not seen the 7-incher in 1080p HD action yet, until now that is.

BGR got a hands-on demo from Julian Dolce, platform lead of the QNX team who was keen to show off the OS's features. The video also displays the touch-sensitive bezel capabilities of the tablet as well.

Everytime we see the PlayBook in action, we are a little bit more impressed and excited about its arrival.

If Google and Apple thought that the tablet war in 2011 was going to be a two-way thing, they might have a shock when RIM come a knocking.