App-vent Calendar - day 13: Christmas Rock 'N' Roll (iPhone/iPod touch/iPad)

Some of the apps in our App-vent Calendar are brand new, while others have been around for a while. Some only really get to see the light of day during the holiday period, much like the chrimbo decorations that are left languishing in the loft for most of the year, but we're certainly glad that they do. This addictive little maze game is one of those.

Christmas Rock 'n' Roll (iPhone/iPod touch/iPad)

iPhone/iPod touch/iPad

It's Christmas time on Flint Island, but the pesky sky spirit has nicked all the kiddies' presents from the under the trees. Our hero, Rock, is among the evil spectre's pressie haul and the nasty blighter will only give him back if his pal, Roll can collect all the musical notes from his favourite Christmas carols.

Naturally, this is harder than it sounds as the notes have been scattered across a number of dangerous mazes all around the island. You can play either with touch or motion control and you can can choose from two different game modes, while you work you way through 15 levels of maze-based action.

There's also a festive soundtrack to get you in the mood for Christmas. If you ever get tired of playing Angry Birds Season (we know that's unlikely), then do give this festive little game a whirl.