App-vent Calendar - day 9: A Christmas Carol (iPad)

We're already over a week into December and Christmas pressie shopping time is running out. If you're not really feeling the festive mood this year then you might have a fair bit in common with the cantankerous main character in Charles Dickens' famous festive tale - A Christmas Carol.

A Christmas Carol for iPad


More than just an e-book, this excellent iPad app gives Dickens' classic tale a steampunk makeover so as well as reading the story of Ebeneezer Scrooge and his Christmas Eve adventures, you'll also be able to power up and manipulate a selection of steam-powered machines.

As well as beautiful illustrations, the app also offers unique page-turning contraptions for you to marvel at in what has been designed to be a thoroughly immersive experience. To really put you at the heart of the action, the app includes sound effects as well as an original score and you'll also find plenty of hidden easter eggs to keep you on your toes.

We just hope that the makers haven't butchered the "lovingly abridged text" too much. A merry Christmas, one and all!