The Nexus S may have only just officially entered our lives, bringing the latest incumbent of Google's mobile OS - Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) - with it, but that's already old hat.

You see, Google's Andy Rubin took to the stage at the D: Dive Into Mobile event, with a prototype tablet in his paws.

The tab, made by Motorola (so possibly the Stingray that has been touted about) runs Android 3.0 (Honeycomb), which is optimised for the larger screen of a tablet.

The tablet, according to Rubin, runs via a dual core Nvidia 3D processor and, according to us (with a total guess based on the ratio of hand-to-screen) looks to have a 10-inch display.

What is clear is that the traditional Android feel has been morphed into a more desktop-like environment, with a taskbar coming in and the traditional Android physical buttons nowhere to be seen.

The tablet isn't due out "for a while" - but we expect a wave of Honeycomb tablets to hit in early 2011. So watch this space.