We love bold vision statements, especially when they're plastered across the top of a browser window. With so many online destinations to flick through, a site telling you what it's about in just a few words is just about the most valuable navigation tool there is.

So, when we heard about www.sedogo.com, we were pleased to see such a bold statement: "Create your future and connect with others to make it happen". Now let's see what it means...

Basically, you fill in your life goals, then see who wants to do the same things and hopefully get together to share the experience. A great idea, and as anybody who's ever tried to organise a stag do will tell you, getting like minded people to agree on a "when" and a "where" is no mean feat.

This should make organising and sharing your life adventures a breeze. It's social networking for the adventurous of spirit.

It's brand new this one too, so well worth watching.

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