App-vent Calendar - day 6: Super Dance Elf Christmas with Friends (iPad / iPhone / iPod touch)

As the Christmas season is upon us once more, an increasing number of us are forgoing the effort of sending traditional paper-based Christmas cards in favour of electronic equivalents. Some people do this as a way to do their bit for the environment while others simply can't be arsed to trudge down to the post office in time for the last posting day. Whatever your reason, if you're considering sending a selection of Scrooge-like electronic greetings this chrimbo, then you might like to check out this neat little app.

Super Dance Elf Christmas with Friends

iPad, iPhone, iPod touch

This festive offering enables you to put your face (or any face you like) onto the body of a dancing elf and then send it to your pals. If your mates have got the app too, then they can watch your dancing elf-portrait, or if not, you can simply send them a snapshot.

If you're using it on an iPhone then you can take a snap to "elf yourself" with, otherwise you can use an existing shot from your photo library. Your elf will dance to a selection of Christmas songs and as well as the main elf character, you can also choose from a female elf, Reggae Reindeer, and Miss Merry Christmas to spread the festive fun times.

It may sound daft, but take our word for it - it's very hard not to crack a smile when you receive a image of one of your respected friends kitted out in a pointy hat and dancing like a loon, making this an ideal app for spreading the festive joy among your friends and family. They'll probably even forget that you didn't send them a proper Christmas card.