Well, well, well what do we have here then?

Actually it's fairly obvious isn't it? We mean, it looks exactly the same as all the leaked pictures that we've already seen, and even if we hadn't been treated to some blurry imagery already the fact that the device actually looks like someone has just superglued a touch screen phone onto a PSP chassis kind of gives the game away.

Yep, that's right kids - this is the forthcoming, and much debated, PlayStation Phone up and running in all of its Android 2.3 glory.

The video doesn't really tell us much at this point that we didn't already know, although this second, shorter vid does confirm the existence of the PlayStation app - which will be the games centre of the device.

The Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone, codenamed Zeus, is bound to be one of the big launches for 2011 (we're expecting a February launch).

Stay tuned to Pocket-lint for all the revelations.