Regular readers will know that we're not especially big fans of traipsing round the high streets at this, or any other time of year. We'd much rather do our shopping online. You get better choice, better value, and often, these days, better service too.

But what you can't always get are those unusual, impulse buys. Those once-in-a lifetime-you'll-probably-never-see-anything-like-it-again items. At this time of year, it's those sorts of things you'll find at Christmas markets or seasonal craft fairs that often make the best and most thoughtful gifts. If you still want that kind of stuff, but also want to sit at your screen to get it, this is just what you need., is a collective site showcasing the best of up and coming designer-makers in the UK. You can get some seriously unique gifts here, and, as the name of the site implies, it's all handmade.

For Christmas gifts that are a little different, look no further.

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