I always wanted to be musical. I never had delusions of grandeur about being in a band or becoming rich and famous through it, but I wanted to be able to entertain people with a song or a well strummed tune.  But I could never grasp the theory.

Reading music was like trying to decipher Aztec hieroglyphics so it never really took root in my head.

But if I'd had the assistance of the Cupsize Choir, I'm fairly sure I would have remembered an awful lot more.

Thanks to La Senza, the lingerie store of choice for the last-minute panic-stricken Christmas shopping boyfriend or husband, there's hours of fun to be had with www.cupsizechoir.com, as each of the undie-clad lovelies sings the note of their corresponding cup size for you - A through G.  If you're as musical as I am, there's also a pre-recorded tune to enjoy.

You can make some beautiful music with this lot, that's for sure.

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