Listening to music online is hardly new. And even isn't really breaking news. We recommended it as one of the first things you should've downloaded for the Palm Pre back in 2009. The music is free, organised by channel (aka genre) and it just keeps coming and coming.

But we've fallen in love with it all over again recently when we rediscovered the "banned artists" tab. It's not a collection of risqué hits from obscure art house weirdos, but the ability to tell it who you do and don't like listening to. Hardly revolutionary, but it does mean your music stream is just the way you like it.

Bored with Coldplay? Stick 'em on the list. Had enough of Lady Gaga? Stick 'er on the list. Not a fan of Jamiroquai? Stick 'im on the list. You get the picture.

Now if they'll just add the option to add "anything to do with The X Factor" we'll all be happy.

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