We've just reported that Apple is discounting a lot of its range for just 1 day, however news has just come in that Argos are discounting iPods by 10 per cent until Tuesday 30 November.

So if you're thinking about a new iPod and were just about to head over to Apple to buy, take a look through a couple of these examples first in order to get the best iPod Black Friday price.

iPod shuffle from Apple

-2GB £39

iPod shuffle from Argos

2GB £35

iPod nano from Apple

- 8GB £118.01
- 16GB £144

iPod nano from Argos

- 16GB £143

iPod touch from Apple

-8GB £174.01
-32GB £224
-64GB £294

iPod touch from Argos

-8GB £170
-32GB £224
-64GB £296

It's all pretty close and we're talking about the odd pound here and there, but discounted Apple products are rare at the best of times so make sure you make the most of it while you can.