If you're looking for games for your iPhone or iPad, there's no better time than now. Thanks to, well, Thanksgiving, and the Black Friday sales several of the major app studios, and some minor, have heavily discounted many of their titles, including massive faves such as Fruit Ninja and ChuChu Rocket.

Gameloft has, perhaps, made the most broad-ranging cuts in its games library, with many iPad and iPhone titles slashed to 59p until Sunday 28 December. For example, both versions of the action game Iron Man 2 are now 59p, as is the iPad's Splinter Cell Conviction HD.

And both of the company's Shrek games are included.

Sega has joined in the fun with massive reductions on several games, with, among others, the brand new Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1 being available for £2.99, and ChuChu Rocket HD (for the iPad) available at £1.79.

The newly acquired Electronic Arts offshoot label Chillingo has a selection of its Apple device titles on sale, including Cogs HD and Parking Mania HD. But we suspect that it will be Halfbrick Studios' massive hit Fruit Ninja that will be shooting to the top of the charts (again) as the iPad version, Fruit Ninja HD, has been discounted to £1.79 - 40 per cent off its usual retail price.

Now, if only we'd bought the 64GB iPad...

The discounted games in full

Asphalt 5 (iPhone - 59p)

Iron Man 2 (iPhone - 59p)

- Iron Man 2 for iPad (iPad - 59p)

- Splinter Cell Conviction HD (iPad - 59p)

- Shrek Forever After: The Game HD (iPad - 59p)

Hero of Sparta 2 (iPhone - 59p)

- Hero of Sparta 2 HD (iPad - 59p)

Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front (iPhone - 59p)

- Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front HD (iPad - 59p)

The Settlers (iPhone - 59p)

- The Settlers HD (iPad - 59p)

Let's Golf 2 (iPhone - 59p)

- Let's Golf 2 HD (iPad - 59p)

Shrek Kart (iPhone - 59p)

- Shrek Kart HD (iPad - 59p)

NFL 2011 (iPhone - 59p)

UNO (iPhone - 59p)

Plus, not part of the deal, but also discounted at present:

- Assassin's Creed - Altair's Chronicles (iPhone - 59p)

- Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1 (iPhone - £2.99)

- Super Monkey Ball 2 (iPhone - 59p)

- Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition (iPad - £1.79)

- Phantasy Star II (iPhone - 59p)

- Golden Axe (iPhone - 59p)

- ChuChu Rocket (iPhone - 59p)

- ChuChu Rocket HD (iPad - £1.79)

- Fruit Ninja HD (iPad - £1.79)

- Cogs HD (iPad - £2.99)

- Billabong Surf Trip (iPhone & iPad - £1.79)

- Radio Flare REDUX (iPhone - £1.79)

- Radio Flare REDUX HD (iPad - £2.99)

- Parking Mania HD (iPad - £1.79)

- Defender Chronicles - Legend of the Desert King (iPad - £1.79)

- Master of Alchemy (iPhone - £1.79)

- Master of Alchemy HD (iPad - £2.99)

- Fiona’s Flowers HD (iPad - £1.19)

Have you found any other Black Friday app bargains? Let us, and your fellow Linters, know in the comments below...