Hand-built by YouTube user klapstoelpiloot, this touchscreen PC is inspired by the LCARS interface from Star Trek, and controls a host of different functions, from grocery shopping to media streaming.

Both the computer and the software is handmade, and the creator is hoping to add extra features at a later date, including, perhaps, automated lighting systems.

However, for now, he can use the system to run his agenda/calendar, check out train times (directly - not through a browser), and surf the 'net - all of which are shown in the clip. Plus, his creation has Bluetooth support to send MP3s and the shopping list to a mobile device, and a Torrent downloading client.

Now all he needs is a humanoid robot with skin like the ginger one from Girl's Aloud (or, just the ginger one from Girl's Aloud) and he's laughing.

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