You lucky Americans.

Whilst we get excited over this side of the pond with the iPhone Sky+ app that lets us remote record, you guys go and land a fully functioning, and quite frankly brilliant looking TiVo iPad app complete with a full set of bells and whistles.

Not only does the TiVo app give you a fantastic UI for the 9.7-inches of screen real estate, it works in tandem with your TiVo Premiere box to give you an incredibly intuitive home entertainment setup.

The TiVo Premiere App for iPad includes gesture based controls on the advanced remote control option, a full programme guide, recording (one-time or Season Pass), cast and crew info, searching, recommendations, and the ability to share comments with your friends using Facebook or Twitter.

"We're bringing TiVo's innovative user interface from the TV directly to your fingertips, taking your TV viewing experience to a whole new level," said Jim Denney, vice president and general manager of product marketing for TiVo.

"The new TiVo Premiere App takes our best in class user-interface and brings it to iPad's stunning, high-resolution display and innovative Multi Touch interface."

We're hoping that the TiVo iPad app will be portable to Virgin Media's, as of yet undisclosed, TiVo powered set top box.

We're also hoping that Sky take a look at the app and throw us something similar.

The TiVo app will be hitting the US App Store soon, and will be free.