This week, listeners to the Pocket-lint Podcast can be in with a chance to win some cool Joystick Junkies stuff care of Exspect.

Three bags are up for grabs, including a flight bag worth £30 for the main winner, and two handheld console Play Cases worth £13 each will go to two runners-up. All of them are adorned with cool retro gaming designs and, while we can't guarantee the actual designs the winners will receive, each and every one is fantastic nonetheless. Listen to the podcast for details on how to enter the competition. And, check out Pocket-lint's story for more on the Exspect Joystick Junkies range.

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In the news, the team talks about the new Virgin Media set-top-box powered by TiVO, the Boxee Box, and the simplicity of John's Phone. Plus, Rick, Stuart and Dan wonder if getting a email address is all it's cracked up to be.

And, the game review of the week is GoldenEye on the Nintendo Wii.

So, download and have a listen. It's better than finding half a maggot in a juicy pear.

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