In honour of the awesome Green Lantern movie trailer, which shows that the released flick is going to be a cunning blend of action and extreme superhero campness - let's open a debate here. We reckon that the Green Lantern's ring is the coolest gadget in comic books.

For starters, it can tangibly make any shape that Hal Jordan (in this case, but he's just one of many, many Green Lanterns) can think of. Its only drawback is that it's completely useless against anything coloured yellow.

Yeah, admittedly, that's about as feeble as the Daleks' former inability to go up stairs, and could theoretically allow an enemy to win a fight by using a banana, but we think that its numerous powers, such as allowing its host to travel in space without the need for air, outweigh the fact that it can't slice a custard tart.

However, we're nothing if not fickle on Pocket-lint, so if you can come up with a better comic book gadget (that has to have been used at least once by a recognised hero or villain) we'd love to hear. 

Let us know your suggestions in the comments below...