Pupils from Landscove C of E Primary School in Devon, UK have shot a potato dressed as Santa into space, inside an empty 2 litre plastic fizzy pop bottle. It managed to make it to 90,000-feet (17 miles) before the helium balloon it was tied to popped.

Thankfully, the vessel, potato Father Christmas and all, safely made it back down to Earth via parachute. It landed 140 miles away in, coincidentally, a Christmas tree plantation near Basingstoke. And, because it was also strapped to a camera, the team recovered some amazing shots of the journey.

The "spacechip" was called Spudnik2, as a previous attempt failed. They were helped in this new task by Alex Henderson, who runs a local organic farm.

Speaking to SWNS.com, the childrens' teacher, Hilary Gibbard, said, "The potato was launched into space by a balloon and when it popped it came back down to Earth".

"Throughout the flight, the camera was working and taking pictures. The images we found were just amazing - literally out of this world".

"It was so exciting for the children to see their potato and the space shuttle they designed all the way up in space".

One small step for man, one giant leap for a Maris Piper.