WEBSITE OF THE DAY - Fosters Funny

It's not quite the weekend, so you might be wanting a bit of cheering up. And what's more cheering than beer and giggles? Actually, don't answer that...

Fosters has long been associated with comedy, from its advertising to its sponsorship of live comedy events and venues - they like a laugh while they're supping the amber nectar.

This is its online comedy home, and it brings together the best of contemporary comedy including Steve Coogan as Alan Partridge, the best bits of Channel 4 and, brilliantly, you - the great online public.

The real treat here is to read through the tweets and posts from regular readers. It boggles the mind thinking about just how many funny people there are out there, and for this latest online soapbox for people to display their wit, we raise a glass to Fosters.

More of a real ale man myself though, to be honest...

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